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Terms & Conditions


Modelesque was founded in 2014 to revive a sense of panache within the fashion industry and return feminine curvature and beauty to the catwalk. Established in the wake of a multitude of scandals within the fashion industry, Modelesque seeks to restore a passion for beauty and diversity within the world of fashion. Through Modelesque it is the beauty and energy of the models themselves that will recapture the limelight.

Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Booking models

The models depicted herein are deemed to be free agents and Modelesque derives no income directly from any models on this portal other than through the provision of photographic services. 

Modelesque will accept approaches from third parties and relay professional interest to models in exchange for a liaison fee. In this capacity Modelesque provides an introductory service.

Any contractual arrangements or subsequent interactions that may occur between third parties and the models depicted on this site are not the responsibility of Modelesque and we are not liable for any eventualities arising. All professional communications will however be recorded in the interests of protecting the well being of the models concerned.

2. Model care and safety

The clients shall ensure that the model is treated with respect and professionalism and that the client takes all steps necessary to ensure that the safety, health and well being of the model is protected and maintained at all times whilst providing services to the client. Such steps shall include without limitation:

a) ensuring that the venue for the provision of the services and the working conditions are safe and secure and allow the model to provide the services in compliance with all health and safety standards, regulations, codes and laws;

b) allowing the model to take suitable and regular rest periods, to ensure the model is able to maintain suitable amounts of rest and refreshment whilst delivering the services;

c) providing adequate levels of insurance cover to safeguard the health and safety and future earnings of the model whilst the model is delivering the services and travelling to and from the client’s venue as if he/she were an employee of the client;

d) ensuring that all of the people and organisations which are engaged by the client in relation to the delivery of the services are suitably qualified, experienced and professional; 

e) ensuring that no one imposes upon the model any action or activity which is either dangerous, degrading, unprofessional or demeaning to the model;

f) ensuring that the services are delivered and the model is treated in accordance with The Association of Model Agents’ Code of Practice; and

g) providing the model with an appropriate changing and dressing area to ensure that the model can prepare for the provision of the services and also maintains his/her privacy.

3. Liability and insurance

a) No party excludes or limits its liability under these terms and conditions for:

i) death or personal injury caused by its negligence;
ii) fraudulent misrepresentation; or
iii) any other type of liability which cannot by law be excluded or limited.

b) Modelesque shall not be liable for:

i) loss of business, use, profit, anticipated profit, contracts, revenues, goodwill or anticipated savings;
ii) failure by the model to attend a booking for whatever reason;
iii) damage to the client’s reputation; or
iv) consequential, special or indirect loss or damage;

Model Portfolios and Portrait Sessions

1) All models are required to sign and to confirm that they are at least 18 years of age. Proof of age and/or identity may be required.

2) Under Age models - Models under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. No photography or meetings can take place if a parent or guardian is not present. The parent or guardian will be required to sign on the model's behalf. Proof of age and/or identity may be required.

3) Payment - All portfolio packages are to paid for in advance or on the day of the shoot, by bank transfer or Paypal, if a link is provided. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your payment and a firm booking for your session when your payment has been received. All prices and rates are subject to change without notice and appointment times are subject to availability within any stipulated period.

4) Cancellation


In accordance with UK consumers’ statutory rights, you may request a full refund of any fees paid within the first seven days following the date of your payment. To cancel a session, as long as you give adequate notice in writing - no less than seven working days before the planned date of a portfolio package - you can cancel a shoot that you have paid for and receive a refund of the money you have paid, minus any expenses incurred on your behalf, or any surcharges imposed upon Modelesque by its suppliers for cancellation of bookings. If you cancel with less than seven days' notice, the amount of your refund will be at the discretion of Modelesque and dependent on costs incurred on your behalf, up to the time of your cancellation. No refunds are possible on cancelations of less than 24 hours' notice. If you choose to postpone a shoot at less than 48 hours' notice, some additional fees may be payable - for example, payment for a make-up artist who has been booked for your shoot. If you should book and pay for a session and then for any reason indefinitely postpone the session, no refund of your payment is possible if you do not set a date for the session and complete the photography within 3 months of making your original payment. You must give notice within 3 months of making your original payment if you intend to cancel the booking.

5) Use of photographs


When you arrange either a free shoot with Modelesque or book a portfolio package, you acknowledge that Modelesque is entitled to use any photographs from your session for the purposes of self-promotion, for example, in galleries of this site, or on 3rd party directories / sites / publications. Photographs will not be sold for publication to 3rd parties without a fee being agreed with the model. If you supply copies of the photographs from your shoot to model agencies, it is your responsibility to make the agency aware that Modelesque reserves the right to be credited for the photography.

6) Retouching


Retouching is carried out at the discretion of Modelesque and you will not normally have the opportunity to review the retouched images before the final prints are produced. If you do want to review the retouching before the final prints are produced, you should request this on the day of your shoot - please note that there will be an additional cost for this (normally 20% of the cost of producing the prints). If you are uncertain about picture choice, retouching, or any other aspect of producing the images you need for your portfolio, you should arrange a subsequent session to do this, which may be charged for.

7) Delivery


As soon as you have selected the images you would like retouched, you will receive an approximate timetable for the retouching, and delivery of your prints if you have ordered any. 

8) Copyright


Copyright of any images produced for your portfolio remains with Modelesque.

9) Refunds


No refunds are possible after the date of the shoot, or after any 3rd party stylists have attended a shoot on your behalf, for any reason. You will have been given the opportunity to review your shots, make-up and hair in the session - so there should be no reason for you to question any of these after the date of the shoot. No professional work is guaranteed as an outcome of any shoot with Modelesque. Publication of images on this website are by mutual agreement.

10) Postponed Bookings

If you should book and pay for a session and then for any reason indefinitely postpone the session, no refund of your payment is possible if you do not set a date for the session and complete the photography within 3 months of making your original payment. It is your responsibility to give notice within 3 months of making your original payment if you intend to cancel any booking.

11) Websites

Modelesque accepts no liability for and will not consider claims for compensation against loss of earnings due to any interruption of provision of website or other online services. Purchase of all our services is in agreement with this stipulation.

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