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Our mission

Modelesque was established as a consortium of interest for photographers, models, & designers to ensure greater fairness and equality within the fashion industry.  London Modelesque was established in the wake of a multitude of scandals within the fashion industry relating to the employment of underage models, exhausting hours, failure to pay the minimum wage, a ‘size zero’ body culture, sexual exploitation, unfavourable employment terms, and the underrepresentation of models of colour on international catwalks.

To this end, London Modelesque has established 7 founding principles for its operation:

[1] All models must be aged 18 or over, and no underage models will be employed or provided for the purposes of modelling or photography.

[2] Models with a body mass index of below 19 or who are less than 120 lbs in weight will not be allowed to participate in fashion events. Plus-sized models will be represented by the sister troupe London Modelesque Plus. There will be a formal ‘weigh-in’ before all fashion events and weeks.

[3] No model will be paid less than the London living wage * (currently £11.95 per hour, 2023).

[4] All models will receive a minimum of 80% of revenues* for any fashion event in which they participate (after deduction for reasonable costs for travel, VAT, food & refreshments, security, accommodation, and other essential administrative costs). 

[5] Models will not be contracted exclusively to London Modelesque and will be considered to be free agents as per the legal requirements.

[6] Models will be provided with adequate, secure and private changing facilities free from photographers or voyeurs. 

[7] The line-up of London Modelesque will be representative of London’s ethnic diversity, presently 40% non-Caucasian in origin (2021 census). 

* Excludes ev
ents for charitable foundations.

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